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Bones of contention in the nerdiverse

Want to start a nerd war in a software office? Mention these topics….


1. Who is the better captain, Kirk or Picard?


More importantly, who cares? Star Wars is better anyway…

2. Star Wars is better than Star Trek.


Yes, we really must find out which space show is better, it’s not like both of them have good elements or anything…

3. DC or Marvel?


Justice League or Avengers? Once you open the can of worms marked ‘superheroes’ it’s going to take a while to calm down the discussion in your nerd bubble. Who was the best Batman? Who could beat who in a fight? It’ll all be there…

4. PC or Mac?


Otherwise phrased as ‘Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?’

5. Calling Link Zelda.


I can understand why people get confused. I can also understand why it’s viewed as so annoying. (People get my weird name wrong all the time…)

6. Xbox vs PlayStation.


Within the first week of joining my job, I had been told off for owning, not owning, and playing, not playing both consoles. No matter what you won’t win. (And don’t even think about bringing up the so-called ‘PC master-race’ - unless you want to see some eyes twitching and mouths foaming.)

7. Favourite Doctor and companion…


Unless you want to start World War 3, I recommend avoiding this topic.

8. Subbed or Dubbed



9. Which internet browser?


It’s mostly agreed now that Chrome is the way to go, but why not suggest that you prefer Mozilla Firefox or (shock, horror) Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. That’ll send some sparks flying!

Good luck entering the nerdiverse! Use this information wisely, live long and prosper, because these may well be the droids you’re looking for.


About the author

Niamh Reed is a Keele University graduate, fox lover and budding copywriter at Parker Software. By day, she writes about technology and her experiences as an intern. By night, she draws, plays the violin, and hip-throws to her heart’s content in jiujitsu.



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