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7 tech-inspired gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

It’s the time of year where we embrace both our families and commercialism, as we hunt high and low for the best presents for our friends and family. Some people are harder to shop for than others, and Christmas can get expensive.

So when the person you’re shopping for is a tech fan, the prices can seem daunting, and the ideas just don’t present (pun intended) themselves. So, what do you get for the tech fan in your life, without breaking the bank? (It really is the thought that counts.)



1. Tech-themed Christmas jumpers


Even the tech world wasn’t safe from the ugly (yet adorable) Christmas jumper craze. Find the traditionally knitted wonders covering a slew of techy topics, from video games to Star Wars.


2. Games (if they have the platform to play it)


Many tech fans enjoy video games. If there’s a gamer in your life, why not shop around and find a game that you think sounds interesting?

(You’ll likely get told all about it once it’s been played anyway…)


3. Accessories – headphones, speakers, controllers


Otherwise known as peripherals, these are the little things that a computer doesn’t need to run properly, but that your techy friend will love to add to their set up. The best bit? You can basically never have too many. (Well you can, but two or three of the same thing isn’t a problem at all…)

4. Anything circuit board-inspired


Does your tech fan need a mug? Do you have a tradition where you always buy each other socks? Anything that can have a pattern probably has a version with a circuit board design. These are tech-inspired, but still functional too. Win-Win for your tech fan.



5. Laptop bags, cases and covers


We tech fans love our devices, and anything that protects them is going to be a hit (shielded by the awesome case you got for your tech fan). Bonus points if you find one with a cool techy pattern or something nerd-inspired.

6. Novelty USB drives

Memory and portable storage are always useful, and USB drives make great little stocking fillers.


For something a little more personal however, why not get a novelty one? They come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, from cars, to branded characters, instruments to animals. Make it personal, and anyone would love this cute little tech gift.


7. Vintage tech


Otherwise known as retro, you can find all sorts of little treasures for the hardcore tech fans out there, it just takes a little searching. Old consoles (both handheld and portable) are a hit among the older tech fans, especially if they work. Why not give a little nostalgia for Christmas this year?

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